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The Digital Financial Guru Taking the DR by Storm: Economistayt

Gabriel Gonzalez Florentino, 30 years old, started his professional career studying economics at the Central University of Venezuela. Following a traditional path of life, after graduating in 2017, he moved on to the workforce, working for a major development bank for a time. However, soon after, the strong economic crisis in his country began, which forced him to completely change his vision of the future, as Gabriel was losing his savings and all the fruits of his labor due to inflation in Venezuela and the crisis the country was going through. He decided to start over and move to the Dominican Republic to start from scratch. There, he dedicated himself to studying classic financial education books, such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” “The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind,” “Think and Grow Rich,” and others. These books opened his mind, but he saw that it was necessary to update this information to the digital age for the new generations, and thus, he found his mission today: to help others create capital in the digital age, taking advantage of the new technological tools available to us. At the end of 2017, he decided to launch his brand and his YouTube channel: “El Economista Youtuber”; today with over 230,000 subscribers. And he has managed to spread all the information digitally through this medium, combining his two passions, economics and audiovisual production. He became the first Youtuber in the Dominican Republic dedicated 100% to financial education and to this day remains the largest content creator in the country dedicated to economic issues. With his channel, he gained important recognition among platform users, which brought him, at the time, important clients to provide digital financial education conferences, such as BHD León Bank and Popular Bank. He has also dedicated himself to spreading financial education through traditional media, with repeated appearances on ZOL 106.5FM radio in the Dominican Republic, and for about two years with a special weekly educational segment on Noticias SIN from Color Visión, in addition to the segment “Let’s Talk About Money” on Bolivia TV, among others. Thanks to the results he was obtaining on his YouTube channel, he started a new consulting project aimed at other channels called “The Youtube Method,” focused on the monetization of content, so that entrepreneurs and business owners can increase their audiences on this platform to generate continuous sales without having to invest in advertising. One of his most outstanding success stories is Carlos Devis’ channel, which went from 7,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers. After studying and testing the different ways to generate income in a profitable and safe way, he ventured into the real estate sector thanks to the Airbnb platform, which he initially discovered as a guest by using it to stay during his business trips and conferences. But he quickly realized the great opportunity that exists on the platform to obtain high yields above traditional rent, especially necessary in these times of inflation, so he began to invest in this modality, following his philosophy of digital financial education. And just as he was able to succeed with the YouTube algorithm, he also achieved excellent results with the Airbnb algorithm, so much so that his properties remained with over 90% occupancy even during the quarantine period. Due to these experiences, his community asked him to create a specialized program on Airbnb, and from there came the course “The Airbnb Method” that he teaches through the Hotmart platform, and the Mentorship for Investors programs, in which he helps entrepreneurs to start a property management business and advises investors to find the most profitable properties, make them pay for themselves and generate income every month with Airbnb. Thanks to his successful career as a financial influencer, Gabriel has been able to travel the world, sharing his knowledge and experiences with his followers. He has also been featured in prestigious media outlets such as Forbes, El Economista, and Business Insider. Gabriel’s success story serves as an inspiration for many people who, like him, have had to start from scratch in a foreign country. With his passion for financial education and his expertise in the world of real estate, he is helping others achieve financial independence and freedom. If you’re interested in learning more about Gabriel and his work, you can follow him on Instagram at @economistayt or visit his website at

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