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COVID-19, South Korean President – Foreign Policy

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Seoul and Washington have pledged they’re ready to talk with a nuclear-testing North Korea—but they’re not getting any response.
The alliance is one of the best bargains in geopolitics.
Ukraine is calling out Russia’s “state nuclear terrorism.”
A three-way agreement signed in Madrid paves the way for alliance expansion—at a cost.
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1. Belize, Germany, Indonesia, Senegal, and the United States co-hosted a virtual Global COVID-19 Summit this week. How many coronavirus cases have been recorded worldwide since the pandemic began?
60 million
110 million
390 million
520 million
The United States, for its part, passed the grim toll of 1 million COVID-19 deaths this week.
2. Who is South Korea’s new president, who was inaugurated on Tuesday?
Moon Jae-in
Lee Jae-myung
Yoon Suk-yeol
Ban Ki-moon
S. Nathan Park explains the roots of the conservative politician’s victory.
3. U.S. President Joe Biden met with representatives from most members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations this week. Which of the group’s members was missing?
Myanmar was excluded from the event as its post-coup government drags its feet on dialogue with the opposition.
4. Meanwhile, U.S. first lady Jill Biden met with the first lady of Ukraine over the weekend. What is her name?
Olena Zelenska
Marina Zelenska
Angelika Zelenska
Yulia Zelenska
5. Protests in Sri Lanka prompted the resignation this week of which politician?
Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa
Minister of Irrigation Chamal Rajapaksa
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa
Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa
Mahinda Rajapaksa is just one of many powerful Rajapaksas in Sri Lanka. His brothers Basil and Chamal Rajapaksa resigned along with the rest of the presidential cabinet in early April, and their other brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, remains in office. The country’s political crisis has no end in sight, FP’s Michael Kugelman writes in this week’s South Asia Brief.
6. Somalia will elect a new president this weekend. The country’s executive is chosen indirectly by the lower house of Somalia’s Federal Parliament, known as what?
House of the People
Chamber of Deputies
Consultative Assembly
National Council
7. Whom did French President Emmanuel Macron visit Monday on his first international trip since being reelected last month?
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Senegalese President Macky Sall
U.S. President Joe Biden
8. North Korea finally acknowledged its COVID-19 outbreak this week, after claiming to have avoided any cases at all for the first two years of the pandemic. It is one of only two countries to refuse to vaccinate its population. What is the other?
Papua New Guinea
9. Lebanon holds parliamentary elections on Sunday amid an economic crisis. Around how much has the Lebanese pound depreciated in value since 2019?
15 percent
30 percent
60 percent
90 percent
This election could be crucial to turning things around for Lebanon, but there’s little optimism, FP’s Anchal Vohra writes.
10. Local media in India reported this week that an Indian couple is suing their son—over what supposed transgression?
Refusing to give them a grandchild
Putting them in a retirement home
Marrying a woman they disapprove of
Getting divorced after they paid for a massive wedding
The couple, Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, are requesting their son and daughter-in-law pay back more than $600,000 spent on their wedding, honeymoon, education, and home if they fail to produce a child within a year. “At least if we have a grandchild to spend time with, our pain will become bearable,” the Prasads said.
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Nina Goldman is a deputy copy editor at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @goldmannk
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The school of thought doesn’t explain everything—but its proponents foresaw the potential for conflict over Ukraine long before it erupted.
What if, instead of being a competitor, China can no longer afford to compete at all?
This is the first time since World War II that there may be no cooperative way out.
Beijing is trying to close economic vulnerabilities out of fear of U.S. containment.
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