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Disco brothers Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge take on NYC Pride with a brand new pop duet!

In 2019, for the 50th anniversary of gay liberation, Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge came up with a fantastic anthem- celebrating The Stonewall Inn— where Pride began…
Last year they charted all over underground USA with a bubbly pop duet entitled ”The Delight”.
This year they are back with yet another ”LGBTQ” themed song; ”Disco Brother”! It’s camp, it’s fun, it’s catchy as hell and it will be premiered live on Saturday, June 25th, at The Stonewall Inn sometime around midnight…

We spoke to the pair- to know more about the track – how it came about- and why activism is important to them…

C: I’ve always been the person who likes to lead by example, and I have my own activist idols that I learn from and am inspired by every day. My whole family was always volunteering and doing community building, it’s in my blood and feels completely natural.There’s so much to fight for, these days especially. I try to round up as many troops as I can whether it be at a protest or with a song!

V: I’ve never really thought of myself as an ”activist” per se. More like a fighter. I’ll fight homophobia with every fiber of my body- until the final breath, I befriend the homeless and treat them with dignity… I do it on an individual, daily level. I don’t see myself as a ”system changer”… I attack on the ground.

First… Are you ”Disco Brothers” ??

V: Yes and what a surprising brotherhood! I waltzed into the Stonewall Inn one day and it seems Chauncey and I have been texting daily since! This wasn’t planned- a totally odd bond!

C: Yes we certainly are. I share things with him that I honestly don’t share with many other people, even friends I’ve had forever. There’s something magical about meeting a new friend when you’re already grown up. You can share nostalgia while building new memories the two of you share. We come from such different worlds, but have the same childlike sense of humor and lust for life.

Who produced the song?

C: There’s this guy who picks us up at the train station. He drives us to his house and we go into this little room and they make me sing over and over and over until I almost get it right. His name is Eryck I think.

V: Eryck is an amazing associate. God the work flows and that relationship is gold to me. Plus I love his wife, which only sweetens the pot, really! Like: I have a very specific friendship with her on the side…

A video comes out simultaneously, right? How did that come about; filming, concept, etc etc?

V: Gio Spano filmed with his super cool husband. We were at my friend’s resort, The Big Coconut Guesthouse… We just decided to get silly. Silliness has always been a tradition in homosexual culture- we wanted to embrace that! And— stroke of luck: I found 2 guys who were there on holiday to play our boyfriends. They were so perfect- and such fun- they dove right in with us!

C: Van was the mastermind behind our very first proper video together. We were both in Fort Lauderdale for a gig and made it happen. Gio Spano and his hubby did the filming while the rest of the guests at the resort watched. It was really an uncanny experience for me for sure.
When “The Delight” was getting released we were in lockdown and in two different countries, so this is our first time sharing the screen and we really are a fun and funky pair. I’ve said it before, I think we need our own sitcom.

Your songs together- are fun, but they’re also ”political” in a way…

C: There’s always something political surrounding anything unapologetically queer. We’re still fighting for everything we deserve. It’s also always kind of brilliant to wrap a message of unity and being a freedom fighter inside a joyous and campy disco coating. Like Van says, “Dancing can save the world.”

V: The minute you write about having once been an underdog- things become slightly political whether you intend’em to or not. I write about what I know- about my reality. How it is received is out of my control. However if it helps I’m thrilled!

What does Pride mean to you?

V: The pride of no longer being ashamed… I’m very proud to have overcome the shame. I am very proud to feel like a full man- not a half one as many have tried to make me believe through my childhood, teens and early adulthood.

C: Pride to me is a fluid thing, almost like lava. It’s a journey. We are taught so many things as kids that take a lifetime to unlearn. Pride is about visibility and looking out for one another. It’s certainly not a sin. It’s more of an accomplishment. A work in progress.

What comes after ”Disco Brother”?

C: We have a few more tricks up our sleeve to round out our EP. It really is such a wonderful collection of songs that tap into the power of being gay and the trials, joys, treats and tribulations that we experience. Van would have probably forgotten about me by now though if it weren’t for the pandemic, but he’s stuck with me for at least a few more releases!

V: More music! More craziness! More brotherhood! And year ’round Pride!

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US women’s basketball dominates on international stage – KRQE News 13

KRQE NEWS 13 – Breaking News, Albuquerque News, New Mexico News, Weather, and Videos
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by: DOUG FEINBERG, Associated Press
Posted: Oct 1, 2022 / 12:54 PM MDT
Updated: Oct 1, 2022 / 01:04 PM MDT
by: DOUG FEINBERG, Associated Press
Posted: Oct 1, 2022 / 12:54 PM MDT
Updated: Oct 1, 2022 / 01:04 PM MDT
SYDNEY (AP) — A’ja Wilson and Breanna Stewart are keenly aware of the legacy of success they are part of with the U.S. women’s basketball team.
They don’t plan on letting the incredible run end any time soon.
“I don’t think we’re showing signs of stopping, that’s for sure,” Stewart said. “We have a lot of people are entering their prime or are in their prime.”
Wilson and Stewart helped the U.S. to a fourth consecutive World Cup championship Saturday with an 83-61 win over China, setting a record margin for a gold-medal game.
“Everyone knows that when you come here, when you wear USA across your chest the (pressure) that comes with it,” Stewart said. “It’s just embracing that. All the legends before us and what they’ve done, how they’ve won. Each team is different and we need to make our imprint on history.”
This team left its mark on the World Cup as one of the most dominant teams in the Americans’ storied history, winning four straight gold medals and 30 games in a row in the tournament. Next up for this group is the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The Americans will be trying for an eighth consecutive gold medal there.
“This is something that’s special to us. It’s not lost on us what’s been done since 1996. I hear about it all the time,” U.S. coach Cheryl Reeve said. “What I wanted to do is make sure this journey was fun. Because I think there’s some times when you have pressure to win or the perceived pressure, it takes the enjoyment out of it.”
What started with Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi has now been passed down to Wilson and Stewart. With Alyssa Thomas the oldest player at 30, the domination could continue for years to come.
“It’s been an incredible journey just to continue to lay that foundation down like so many of the greats in front of us have,” Wilson said. “Now it’s our turn to step up and be in that situation.”
The U.S. (8-0) finished the World Cup averaging 98.8 points — just short of the mark held by the 1994 team that averaged 99.1. They won by an average of 40.8 points, topping the amount by the 2010 team.
“Maybe around the world they kind of looked at it and said, ‘Hey now’s the time to get the USA,’” Reeve said. “I think what we showed is that our league, the WNBA and professional basketball players in the United States are really, really good.”
As they’ve done all tournament, the Americans did it on both ends of the court, playing stellar defense as well as using a high-powered offense.
The game was a sellout with nearly 16,000 fans — the biggest crowd to attend a women’s World Cup game since the inaugural tournament in 1953 in Chile.
“You can’t say people don’t support women’s basketball,” Stewart said of the crowd. “If you look at all these people in this arena tonight. There was a lot of people cheering for us and against us, but they’re here watching women’s basketball.”
While the U.S. will be the heavy favorite to win the gold in Paris, there are new teams emerging. China won its first medal since the 1994 World Cup, and Canada reached the medal round for the first-time since 1986.
“I think every team will learn from this experience. You gain a lot of knowledge in the World Cup,” Reeve said.
More AP women’s basketball: and
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New York Liberty, WNBA players populate World Cup rosters – The Associated Press – en Español

SYDNEY (AP) — New York has long been known as a melting pot, a city of diversity.
That moniker also works for the city’s WNBA franchise, the New York Liberty, which has seven players competing in the women’s World Cup for five different countries.
Overall, there are 27 players in Sydney who competed this season in the WNBA, plus a few others like Lauren Jackson, who either played in the past or were drafted but haven’t competed in the league yet.
Before the U.S.-China game, Betnijah Laney and Han Xu exchanged a hug. The two Liberty players are on opposite teams a few weeks after their WNBA season ended with a playoff loss to Chicago in the opening round.
“That’s one of my favorite parts about the New York team, we are so international and we’ve got such great talent from all over the world,” Australian Sami Whitcomb said. “I think that represents our fan base as well. It’s really amazing to come here and still get to see your teammates.”
Laney and Sabrina Ionescu are with the U.S. Han is playing for China. Bec Allen and Whitcomb are with Australia along with New York coach Sandy Brondello and her husband Olaf Lange, who lead the host nation. Draftee Sika Kone is on Mali and fellow draftee Marine Fauthoux plays for France.
“It’s really cool to have teammates here and compete against each other. It’s a great experience for all of us,” Laney said. “It’s definitely something that’s pretty cool to have the diversity and to come together. It does extend to our fan base.”
Whitcomb said that the Liberty players talked about the potential of them all coming to Sydney for the World Cup.
“How fun it would be to have so many of us over here and we were all going to see each other,” she said. “We didn’t know how many people would make the teams, so it’s amazing.”
All the teams are staying in the same hotel near the arena. Whitcomb said the Liberty teammates have been getting coffee with each other in between games.
“It just goes to show we’re very international that’s for sure,” Brondello said. “To get two players on the USA team that’s always hard to break into but I’m proud of those two. They’ve worked so hard to get there and you know the Aussies go without saying but Han is doing a great job as well.”
There’d be an eighth Liberty player in the tournament, but Marine Johannes got hurt right before it began.
New York isn’t the only WNBA team well represented in Sydney: Seattle has five active players as well as Jackson. The Storm’s coach, Noelle Quinn, is an assistant with Canada. The Chicago Sky and Las Vegas Aces have four players each.
The players all also share a common dining room for meals, giving them chances to interact off the court.
“I’m happy to see my teammates playing in the World Cup,” Han said. “Before I only had two teammates but now I have a lot of them on different teams and it’s nice to see them around.”
More AP women’s basketball: and


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Zelenskyy calls Russia a state sponsor of terrorism; Biden calls on U.N. to stand with Ukraine – CNBC

Zelenskyy calls Russia a state sponsor of terrorism; Biden calls on U.N. to stand with Ukraine  CNBC

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