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Fitness and Entrepreneurship: How Xavier Esqueriguela Achieved Success

In a recent interview, Spanish entrepreneur Xavier Esqueriguela shared his story of how he has managed to scale his business to impressive levels in less than a year, and how his passion for fitness has helped him overcome obstacles and achieve his goals.

Xavier started his career as a waiter and studying bodywork and paint, but soon realized that this was not what he wanted in his life. “I have always been a hard-working person, but I did not feel fulfilled in what I was doing. I wanted to find my true passion,” said Xavier.

However, Xavier has overcome these obstacles and learned that these experiences have taught him values such as persistence and perseverance, and have taught him not to give up in the face of difficulties.

In his search for his true calling, he decided to venture into the digital world. At 19, along with two more partners, he created his first digital marketing agency, JEVNET. Although initially offering a variety of services, they soon realized that they needed to specialize. “We did everything, but it was not the right thing. We detected a need in the market, which at that time was YouTube Ads, and we specialized in it,” said Xavier.

In addition to his passion for the digital world, Xavier has also found in fitness a lifestyle that has helped him overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. “Fitness has been a big part of my life, it helps me stay focused and motivated. It has taught me to be consistent and persevering, and these are values that I also apply in my business,” shared Xavier.

The decision to specialize in YouTube Ads was correct, as the agency’s growth was spectacular. Xavier even created a second agency focused on infoproducers. “In less than a year, we have scaled our business from zero to over 1 million dollars. It has been an exciting journey and we have learned a lot along the way,” commented Xavier.

He understood that a business is made so that everyone can make money and not just its owner. He realized that in the end, he is only a player in a bigger game.

That is why we not only offer consultation or training services to our clients, but we literally build their own agency and teach them how to properly scale a business, how to make a good customer acquisition, without depending on their time or their desires, and that everything is running all day every day, generating profits.

Vision: To turn adsandroll into the leading company in Google Ads strategies, impacting millions of people around the world and constantly changing lives positively through the creation of agencies.

Xavier is an example of how, with dedication, specialization, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a healthy lifestyle, great things can be achieved, even with a difficult start. “My story is a demonstration of how, through overcoming and perseverance, goals can be achieved and success can be obtained. Fitness has been a great support in his life, both personally and professionally. Starting with a background as a poor student and somewhat rebellious teenager, his experience as a waiter and car bodyworker has taught him values such as persistence and perseverance, and these are values that he also applies in his professional life.

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