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Francisco Sanchez: An Artist Who Breathes Art

Francisco Sanchez has been breathing art since he was a little kid. His childhood memories are filled with drawing, painting in coloring books, and nursing his artistic passion up until high school when Francisco Sanchez discovered how much harder it is to make friends as an artist than any other profession imaginable- but this only motivated him more! After years of being inspired by mentors who helped foster talent while believing deeply inside that each person could be great at something they love if given enough support, finally, after many trials under their belt (including some very devastating failures), Frisco found success.

Francisco Sanchez passion for art was obvious from an early age. When he was 11, the school teacher noticed and suggested that his talents be indulged in private lessons on various mediums like sculpture or pastel, but it became clear very quickly where Francisco truly excelled: drawing portraits with oil paints! He is always striving to improve himself as a still life, which is also considered fine art because they require skillful manipulation of materials such as light, shadow, and texture to create a lifelike image.

Francisco Sanchez early career bounced around from studio to studio, making tattoos and building his reputation. He eventually focused on black and grey realism as a specialty which led him towards the path of becoming an accomplished artist today!

Francisco Sanchez first year in the tattooing industry was such an eye-opening experience for him. He had always admired artists like dermatologist Dr. Brant Carpenter and designer duo Massycreare, so when they both offered to teach Francisco how to start his practice, it didn’t take long before he realized this was what he wanted more than anything else!

Francisco Sanchez is looking to the future and sees himself as part of other artists’ personal growth. He wants his students, apprentices, and mentors pushed by him when he first started out into their goals just like how Francisco Sanchez was brought along on this journey towards success with support from those around him who believed in what they were doing too! The next few years hold much for our talented artist: sharing his passion through art-making; traveling across countries, showcasing both modern cultures abroad but also bringing attention back home where it belongs – inspiring people everywhere we go while opening up new opportunities every day…all centered round Beauty ( fine arts, after all, should be about making the world a more beautiful place).

Francisco Sanchez is on a mission to nurture the artist in others, especially those with less opportunity. He’s especially interested in programs that take art instruction into underdeveloped and underserved communities so students can see how they too, could pursue their passions as a career without being labeled “unreachable.”

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