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From railroad mechanic to investor in the financial markets: Brandon Gilbert leap of faith

Brandon Gilbert was born in Columbia and raised in Georgia. For 16 years he worked as a diesel mechanic for the railroad, following the railway career of his father and grandfather. He worked long hours, was mentally exhausted from doing the same thing every day, without real joy or passion and wanted more.

One day, while scrolling on Instagram, during his break, he came across a post about Forex and e-commerce that left him completely amazed by the success others had with him.

So began Brandon Gilbert new life

In 2016, after taking several financial markets courses he finally decided to open a real account and learn from the live trading experience. Two years later, after working many days on the railroad and operating in his spare time or from the bathroom, Brandon made the decision to take the leap of faith and retired from the railroad.

From this point on, Brandon devoted all his time to dominating the markets. Through the consistency of your trading results you have been given the ability to help your friends and family.
He is now really adept at trend forecasting, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Over the past 4 years Brandon has demonstrated commitment to community education at Imperial Academy, as well as on and off social media.

Enjoying your new reality

Brandon Gilbert currently lives in Florida, with the freedom to operate when he wants and not when he needs. Most of your time is shared with your trading buddies and family or on the beach.

“My message to new entrants would be that they need to understand that things are going wrong in order to be able to see when they are going well. You never have to trust and you always have to have a plan, win or lose”, Brandon Gilbert advises.

Brandon Gilbert  goal and vision has always been, ever since he experienced his own success, to share and help others gain the ability and freedom to break away from normal work. To have the freedom to gain new experiences, live a sustainable lifestyle off not based on a salary or paycheck.

To learn more about Brandon Gilbert work and upcoming projects, please join his community @imperialfxacademy or visit his website

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