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Even More Hilarious Life ‘Fails’

Having a bad day every once in a while is just part of the human experience. You cant appreciate good days without bad days to compare them to. That being said, finding a way to lift your spirits on a bad day is also very important. This is why we’ve compiled a third list of people who are having a worse day than yours. If you’ve read our previous two and are still in the mood for more, start reading.

Sweet 16th birthday. It doesn’t get any better than that. Well, actually, it does. There’s news, and politics, and student loans and having to earn your own money.

So basically, sweet 16 is our way of trying not to cry when thinking about the loss of our childhood. Anyway, happy birthday darling! I made you a cake… Oh lord…

If not, we would love to see a demonstration from its creator of exactly how you’re supposed to use the thing…starting with how in the heck you’re supposed to get into the insanely narrow room in the first place.

Where Did He Get His Boating License?
A lot of people say that there aren’t many differences between driving a boat and a car.

While in a car you might be able to get away with driving over a pothole, in a boat, driving over rocks is a little less maneuverable.

“Killed by Nail Biting”
Out of all the ways people cope with stress, nail-biting seems like it would be one of the least harmful.

But here, just as this stressed-out woman is biting her nails, a news headline screams: “Killed by Nail Biting.

TV for everyone!
We can’t believe that anyone in their right mind would install a television in this manner. Who’s benefiting from the half screen? Do the residents have to call through the wall to let each other know what’s happening on the side they can’t see?.

Whatever prompted this strange creation, it seems they at least had good (if terribly misguided) intentions.

Tap Shower
There is no use for water to run onto the handle of a faucet. Think of all the crazy watermarks and just the general pointlessness of it all.

We’ve seen some real fails when it comes to bathroom designs, yet it seems that this one takes the cake for creativity.

Fishing Isn’t Easy
Fishing is an art that requires trickery. However, fish often outsmart the fisherman.


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