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Master the Art of Persuasion with Alek Angelov’s Revolutionary Sales Techniques

Alek Angelov is a sales psychology expert who runs multiple 6-figure online businesses. He was born in Bulgaria, but grew up in Spain, since he was 9 years old. Alek is known for turning $140 into an internationally recognized business that has generated over $3 million for clients. He started cold calling at the University of Kent and led a 30-person team to raise $170,000 for students who couldn’t afford college. Subsequently, he graduated in Neurosciences and Psychophysiology (lie detection), which helped him master Sales Psychology. His passion for his freedom led him to found his own business, CEO Sphere. His desire is to help young entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom. With a personal best of over 100,000 followers, he is widely recognized online as the sales octopus, sales guru, or that kind of marketing hypnotic (due to his background in psychophysiology). He has worked with students from more than 76 countries and multi-million dollar companies. His marketing and sales skills have been recognized with the CREA Award, along with names like Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio and Richard Branson. His story even reached Harvard Business School, which hosted Alek as a speaker, helping 1,000 students learn how to start and grow a business from scratch. Alek helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators earn an extra $5,000 a month while saving them 20 hours of boring work. All of that, simply by posting content online. This is how Alek, based on his experiences, is managing to help other people grow in the financial world, since he considers himself knowledgeable enough to dictate a path in which people can generate economic benefit. In his social networks you can find a lot of content as well as knowledge to be able to achieve results similar to those that Alek has achieved, he knows that he must work hard to achieve his goal, which is to help more than 1 million people achieve the much-desired financial freedom . He knows very well that based on knowledge and a lot of effort it is not at all impossible to achieve these results.
Recognized with the Crea Awards, along with names like Bill Gates, Leonardo Di Caprio and Richard Branson.
  • · More than 100,000+ followers online.
  • · Over $3M+ in Customer Verified Sales
  • · Worked with multi-million dollar companies
  • · Speaker at the Investment Conference of the Harvard Business School
  • · Raised over $170,000 for students who couldn’t afford college
Alek wants to help 1 Million Entrepreneurs achieve Financial Freedom, simply by using the power of Social Media. His passion is helping the ‘underdog’, becoming industry leaders, which is why he started a free podcast called The Entrepreneurial Underdog. You can also learn from Alek on Instagram @alek.octopus or Twitter: @alek_octopus And if you want to know more about him, visit

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