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Meet Rayan Ricci: The Rising Star in London’s Hip and Glamorous Lifestyle

Rayan Ricci is his name, a renowned Lebanese model who was born in Paris, France. Some time ago he made the decision to go live in London to start working as an actor, which was the activity that he really loved and for which he saw it necessary to go live in this city since he considered that there were many more opportunities. Of those in Paris, she began her career as a fitness clothing and underwear model, all this era trying to earn money to pay for her acting studies, which were quite expensive since it is a very exclusive profession. One of her biggest activities, to which she dedicates a great deal of time, is promoting a healthy and sexy lifestyle on the Instagram social network, where she has a large number of followers who follow her advice and tips to wear a style of life like the one proposed by Rayan.

His thousands of followers have very positive interactions with Rayan’s content and several are very grateful to have the positive information they can find in Rayan’s profile and his tips that they implement in daily life. You can find it on the social network Instagram searching as @rayanriccifr and there you will find all the content that was previously mentioned. One of the important events in which he was a participant was the fact that he began to normalize the fact that men begin to wear skirts as a garment to wear daily, leaving out any type of prejudice, this fact later became a trend for the fashion of 2023.

In addition, he also has his own website where you can find much more information about him and what he does on his website, which is A description of it can be found on this website in which it is described as follows

My name is Rayan Ricci, I am a fitness model living between London and Paris, passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy taking care of myself with good nutrition , a proper exercise plan and lots of positive energy .

I have been receiving requests from many people for a long time on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

 Well, today I finally opened my door to those who wish to start 2023 with good resolutions and good habits to obtain positive results. I enjoy this routine, it’s not like I’m suffering from these decisions I’ve made. Some people have been proud of my choices and others have judged me for not doing the same. I want to help people reach their goals with a strong mind and stay focused on their priorities.

When you see the results your actions bring, you can trust me, there is no better feeling than being proud of yourself.”

  • also in the same section in which his self-description is found, he offers his personal trainer service and emphasizes that his service is specialized and are the following points

Personal training

  • 1-2-1 personal training is the best investment in your health. You will work directly with me, following a tailor-made plan via video call to make sure you reach your goals in record time. Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle, or anything in between.

Nutritional Training

  • I will teach you to take control of your health and weight. Together we will build a sustainable approach, so that you not only reach your fitness goals, but can also stay there without rigid diets or unrealistic restrictions. The goal is for you to enjoy your new habits.

Stay connected online

  • To take the guesswork out of getting in the best shape of your life, we’ll work 1-2-1 via video calls, where you’ll get workouts designed specifically for you, regular checkups, and nutritional support for unmatched results. , Anywhere in the world.
  • Then, going down, you can see the cost of your service, which is personalized follow-up for those people who are looking for a better physical figure in order to achieve a much healthier and sexier lifestyle. It also shows what is the structure of this follow-up to achieve positive results.

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