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It’s Time to Fulfill Our Promise to Teachers, Students and Parents

The start of a new school year should be marked by excitement, nerves and, perhaps, more than a little yearning for a longer summer. But this year, the return to school is different.

For the last two years, isolation, fear, confusion and uncertainty have taken a toll on our children’s mental health.

Students across California are suffering.

A youth mental health crisis made worse by COVID-19 has tragically resulted in spiking rates of mental health emergency room visits and a tripling of opioid-related overdoses among 15 to 19-year-olds between 2019 and 2020. And that doesn’t even take into account the trauma experienced by tens of thousands of California kids who have lost a loved one to COVID-19.

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in addressing the mental health and substance use crises is recognizing when someone is struggling and knowing what a call for help can look like. I was proud to be a champion for our kids and sponsor two bills strengthening mental health awareness for youth that were signed into law and took effect this year. One of these bills requires integration of mental health content into health education courses. The other requires the California Department of Education to identify and recommend behavioral health training programs for teachers, staff and students.

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. But we’re still coming up woefully short on meeting kids where they are, especially as they return to in-person learning. Right now, there is no requirement for California schools to establish mental health awareness training programs for their teachers and staff.

We can and must do better.

I recently introduced Senate Bill 387 to help teachers and school-based staff receive training on how to recognize the signs of a mental health crisis. The bill would have required a percentage of teachers and staff in every school to receive mental health awareness training. The bill had overwhelming support from a coalition of mental health organizations, student-led groups, parents and health care providers. But despite passing unanimously in the Senate, the bill wasn’t given the opportunity for a hearing in the Assembly and consequently failed to pass.

Although teachers and school-based staff are not trained mental health professionals, they are in a unique position to identify and support youth who need help. By equipping teachers with the training needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of someone experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge, we’ll help ensure students don’t slip through the cracks. This type of awareness training requires nothing from teachers that they don’t already do – it merely strengthens their ability to collaborate with the school’s counseling office and the student’s parents.

The benefits from such training are immense. As reported from Project Cal-Well, a program designed to raise awareness of mental health for youth, families and school communities, school staff who received training were overwhelmingly better able to talk to students about their issues and give them information about available services and resources.

The failure of Senate Bill 387 is especially disheartening when we see Florida stepping up to make this important training happen. Just this year, Florida enacted a similar law requiring every school district in the state to demonstrate they’ve trained at least 80 percent of their school employees in mental health awareness and assistance.

Despite this recent missed opportunity, I won’t stop fighting to protect students’ mental well-being and to give teachers the training they need to better support their students.

We owe it to our kids, our teachers and our communities to establish mental health awareness training in schools statewide. This upcoming session, I look forward to once again introducing and fighting to pass a bill that equips teachers and school employees with the skills needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental health or substance use challenge.

Together, we’ll create a better support system for our kids.

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From Adversity to Triumph: The Inspirational Story of Jonathan Matías Pawluczyk, Master Trader

Jonathan Matías Pawluczyk, a 34-year-old master trader, is an inspiration to many in the world of trading. His journey to success was not without challenges, but his resilience and dedication have earned him a place among the top traders in the industry.

Born in the Santos Lugares neighborhood in the Buenos Aires suburbs, Jonathan’s childhood was marked by a disease that tested him from a very young age. At just 1 year and 8 months old, he was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes and was in a coma for several days. However, his parents raised him with love and discipline and helped him cope with his illness at a time when treatments were not as advanced as they are today.

Jonathan grew up during a difficult time in Argentina, during the government of Carlos Menem, and his family experienced the bankruptcy of several businesses, including one that had the famous brand Lecoqsportfit as a client. Despite the challenges, Jonathan persevered and tried to find his way in life.

For a while, he suffered from bad behavior and habits that led to him being kicked out of his parents’ house. But the arrival of his daughter and the opportunity to learn about trading changed his life forever.

In 2017, the mother of his daughter invited him to join a multi-level marketing company that promoted a trading education service. Although he was not interested in doing network marketing, he fell in love with trading and took all the classes he could. He soon formed a team of 120 people but decided to distance himself from the Ponzi scheme and focus solely on trading. Although it was not easy, he persevered and reinvested everything he earned in education.

As for his personal life, Jonathan had to deal with a separation and raising his daughter amid economic uncertainty and his illness. But a friend asked him to teach him how to trade, and that’s how he began to forge his path to success.

Today, Jonathan is a reference in the world of trading and has thousands of followers on Instagram. His story of overcoming obstacles and achieving success is inspiring, and his dedication to trading has led him to take ultra-expensive and advanced mentorship with market giants like Ricardo Gutierrez. His goal is to continue providing free training to show others how trading can change their lives and to continue expanding his knowledge and tools to face the forex market.

Despite the obstacles he has faced, Jonathan lives off what he loves and loves what he lives. His story is a lesson in perseverance, dedication, and success. He has proven that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams. Jonathan is an example for those who want to succeed in the world of trading, but also for those who face challenges in their personal lives. His story shows that it is possible to overcome difficulties and achieve success in any field.

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Full-Floor Penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, Sells for $21 Million

The four-bedroom apartment has 3,000 square feet of outdoor terraces and panoramic views.

A full-floor penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, has sold for $21 million, the developers announced Thursday.

Spanning the entire 51st floor at the 52-story condominium tower, the penthouse has 7,760 square feet of interior space, including four bedrooms and staff quarters, six-and-a-half bathrooms, a great room, a living room, a family room, an expansive kitchen with views, a gym, a home theater and a den, according to developers Fortune International Group and Château Group.

“It features 13-foot ceilings and 360-degree views of the entire coastline and downtown Miami,” said Edgardo Defortuna, chief executive officer and president of Fortune International Group.

The apartment also has nearly 3,000 square feet of outdoor terraces with a summer kitchen, a private pool and a private garden.

The penthouse went into contract in November 2015, pre-construction, but didn’t close until the tower was granted a certificate of occupancy this past February, according to Mr. Defortuna.

Construction of the tower, with 250 feet of beach frontage, began in mid-2016.

The buyer is from the U.S., but the developers declined to disclose their identity. The transaction has yet to appear in public records.

About 80% of the tower’s 209 residences have sold, including all four penthouses. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the developers have completed 112 closings, with a great number of them conducted virtually, Mr. Defortuna said.

Late last month, the developers announced that they have paid off a $212 million construction loan from Bank OZK, which they undertook in September 2016.The tower, which has no Ritz-Carlton-branded hotel on the premises, has Ritz-Carlton services and a private club level on the 33rd floor, including eight private suites for resident guests, a restaurant and bar, two pool decks, a kids club, a full-service spa, a fitness center and a wellness center, among other top-line amenities.


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Meet Januthan Logathas: A Visionary Artist Pushing Boundaries in Video and Photography

Januthan Logathas was born and raised in a small town in Switzerland, and he inherited his love of photography from his father, who worked in the same profession. Januthan has since become a well-known and widely respected video and photography professional, with a significant following among European Tamils.

Januthan’s Instagram modeling shoots have been gaining traction and attention, and his Tik Tok videos have further boosted his recognition, thanks to his subtle humor that resonates with his audience.

Januthan has achieved several accolades in his profession, including being the first Tamil photographer to win the renowned Radisson award for the best wedding photography in Europe. His collaboration with dancer Usha Jay on a video garnered numerous views, helping to expand his audience even further.

Januthan recognizes that success in his field requires continuous learning and development of new creative ideas. He aims to increase both the quality of his work and his public profile, with the goal of becoming one of the best in the industry. His website showcases some of his best work, and his social media accounts are filled with content that offers a glimpse into his promising future projects.

For Januthan, the road to success is paved with hard work, persistence, and creativity. He is determined to continue pushing his limits to stand out in the highly competitive video and photography industry.

Check out the stunning work of Januthan Logathas on his Instagram account @jpresidento and Tik Tok handle jpresident. Follow him to witness his incredible talent as a video and photography professional. Also, visit the Wedisson Award website to see his award-winning wedding photography at Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience his creative vision and skill firsthand!

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