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Pop singer Van Hechter and super producer Villagomez team up to create a brand new summer anthem ”Love In Miami”!

Villagomez is a musician, a DJ, but also a very promising new producer… He is young, fresh, bursting with ideas… Van Hechter- for those who don’t know him— is like– the ”Crooner of New-Disco”… Stylish- stylized, even- with a specific voice that has deep color to it- and the ability to write 3-leveled lyrics; he always leaves us wanting more… The face value of him is glitzy and comedic but the more one listens to his songs- the more one realizes how deep and sophisticated he is… We caught up with him in Miami as he was wrapping up 2 video shoots- on his way back to Montreal where he is based…

– Tell us about the new single and its release…

It’s the first of 4, title is ”Love In Miami”. It’s a UK House inspired Disco track. Sohhhh much fun writing/producing it. Pre-release party happens in Montreal on June 10th- (Carré Gaspé rooftop for those who know the city)… Villagomez and I are thrilled to throw a bash in our own town! Jean-Olivier Laguerre is at the head of operations. He’s a FANTASTIC party promoter. Like- he’s a bigger star than I am, hahahahahh! Of course from there the song will travel. It will be launched simultaneously in NYC: DJ Chauncey Dandridge will play it as we do. The whole thing will be FANTASTIC!

– Why did you associate with Villagomez for this particular project?

We’d been wanting to associate for a long time! But often times in the arts- time tables conflict… I’ve always felt like- at some point- we’d get together to make magic- and I think we did. But we’ll let the fans be the judges of that! – What do you want people to get from this single— and from the EP that will follow? Honestly: pure joy, a desire to live, to laugh, to party, to dance, and to love life. That’s our only goal; to generate joy and optimism.

– Did you fall in love in Miami? When do I not fall in love in Miami- or in Florida for that matter??? Hah! But the song is about one specific fiasco I now find hilarious. I was indeed madly enamored… It was torrid, passionate, exhilarating… And it ended as violently and abruptly as it had started. I went through the highest high then the worst crash. I felt like: ”WOW this is like living in a soap opera!”- which was a very funny way of looking at the situation- absolutely worth writing about in a song as it was so extreme. – Tell us something about Villagomez that people can’t know at first sight… He is very very strong. I think his youth and boyish looks may be misleading at times. But beware- his soul has the power to move mountains. He can do almost anything he sets his mind to. I admire that enormously.

While we wait for the new song, here are a few Van links we think you may like to follow…

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