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Stockholm’s Talented Tattoo Artist, Jacob Zamore, Finds a Home in Uppsala

Jacob Zamore is a 29 year old tattoo artist originally from Stockholm, Sweden. For the past three years, he has called Uppsala his home and has been honing his craft in the local tattoo community. Jacob’s journey as a tattoo artist began almost ten years ago when he started learning the art form. Since then, he has traveled extensively to conventions and other studios to perfect his skills and to gain inspiration from different cultures and places. One of the things that Jacob loves more than his job is traveling and seeing new places. Each time he returns from a trip, he brings with him new ideas and techniques that he incorporates into his work. He believes that this is what makes his work unique and sets him apart from other tattoo artists. Jacob has been drawing his whole life, and his school books were always full of scribbles. It was during high school when he started taking drawing more seriously, and by his junior year, he realized that he wanted to work as a tattoo artist. His biggest influences and references come from Star Wars and video games.
He loves to draw battle scenes, dragons, and monsters. And even today, he still incorporates those elements into his work.
While working at Imperial Tattoo in Stockholm, Jacob picked up an Asian influence that he incorporates into his work. He was inspired by the owner of the shop, who was a brilliant Japanese-style tattoo artist. He learned how to connect everything with water or wind as a background, and how to work with the shape of each client’s body. For Jacob, this is half the beauty of the style. Jacob has a rule that all his tattoos are drawn by himself, even if the client has an image that they want. He wants each client to have a unique design that he has created, and he only wants to work on designs that he finds fun and exciting. Jacob Zamore is a talented tattoo artist bringing unique designs to Uppsala, and he continues to grow and perfect his craft. With his passion for traveling, drawing, and creating beautiful tattoos, there is no doubt that Jacob will continue to make a mark in the tattoo industry

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