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The story of Vierwind: the Swiss painter who turned his color blindness into an opportunity


Micha Häni, better known by his stage name Vierwind, is a young man born in Bern, Switzerland, in 1994, who discovered in his red-green color blindness the perfect opportunity to create priceless works of art.


As a child, he knew and understood his visual impairment. An ophthalmologist told him to abandon his dream of becoming an artist and decorator because of his difficulty perceiving color. Still, his talent for drawing and painting helped him transform it into an opportunity. 


His first works were very colorful, but he discovered that if he painted only in red, which looked gray, he could create genuinely unique works.


Time has shown him that he can go very far with his art and talent. Vierwind has created art for the Swiss government, for musicians such as Xzibit and The Outlawz (Tupac Shakur’s crew), and has worked with fashion brands such as Hugo Boss. 


The launching point of Vierwind career

Vierwind snuck into the graffiti scene as a way to drain, but when he discovered that his works went beyond that, he decided to embark on a formal path. He opened his first exhibition in Bern in 2018. And it resulted in the sale of his works, marking the beginning of his career as an artist.  


Currently, street art is not his main activity, but traces of this are still visible in his works. Vierwind has used the keyhole since his earliest works, becoming his trademark. Lettering, which he has been developing for many years, has always been a central element of his art. His most recent works transparently combine typography and motif.


Vierwind versatility has led him to collaborate with other artistic expressions. He works as a designer for a luxury agency called Rising. There he also has big projects planned for the future. In addition, he has made headlines in Switzerland for his role as a benefactor of the homeless. “I’ve always had a heart for the homeless. I buy them food or talk to them. We have to take care of each other.”


If you want to know Vierwind’s every step, find him on Instagram as @vierwind_


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