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TIGERLYFE Energy: Clean Fuel for High-Performance Athletes, by Mr. Frank LoPiccolo

Mr. Frank LoPiccolo is an entrepreneur, marketer, and business development professional with extensive experience in finance.

He has a proven track record of success, having worked in finance for over a decade and having served in leadership roles in various companies. He is a talented leader with the instinct and vision to execute at high performance levels.

In January 2016, Mr. LoPiccolo founded TIGERLYFE Capital Solutions with the desire to help entrepreneurs access the cash they need to grow their small businesses. His vision was to create a company that could provide small business owners with the resources and support they need to succeed in a highly competitive market.

Since its founding, TIGERLYFE has become much more than just a financial services company. It has become a multifaceted and distinctive brand that offers a suite of solutions for top performers, champions, and visionaries. TIGERLYFE, the brand, started with TIGERLYFE Entertainment and quickly grew to become TIGERLYFE Capital Solutions. In the years since, TIGERLYFE has traversed various interwoven paths, all fighting fiercely to aid the best who have found their “Y” in lyfe but need a little help with the how.

TIGERLYFE offers a range of solutions, from working capital to help small businesses to wealth management where capital itself does the heavy lifting. The TIGERLYFE family is for free thinkers who can stay positive and fight forward through adversity. It is fuel for kings and queens in the making.

Everyone has a story, and everyone can get what they’re working for if they try hard enough and want it. Just as apex predators only eat what they kill, performing when it counts—whether in the gym, on the road, in the boardroom, or on stage—is the key to success. But sometimes, you need an extra boost. v

TIGERLYFE Energy is a new healthy, clean energy drink made to fuel the high-performance athlete or everyday individual with a specialized blend of electrolytes and B vitamins with no artificial colors, zero sodium, and natural cane sugar. The drink also comes in Sugar-Free for those who watch their sugar and calorie intake. The drink tastes delicious, resulting in the trademark phrase “Energy Never Tasted So Good.”

Performance is the key to success in the gym, on the trail, or in the boardroom. TIGERLYFE Energy is endorsed by MMA athletes, kickboxers, extreme sports athletes, and other high-performance athletes who are determined to achieve their goals and find their own “Y”. The Company uses the letter Y in the spelling of TIGERLYFE as a constant reminder to deliberately keep the “Y” at the center of life, and will ask customers: What is your “Y” at Lyfe?

A stylish brand and meaningful commitment are critical to the success of TIGERLYFE Energy. TIGERLYFE Energy has developed a strong and distinctive brand that communicates its core values of delivering clean, delicious energy to help fuel elite performance. TIGERLYFE Energy has created a cohesive brand identity, including a logo and memorable sayings. TIGERLYFE Energy has already been a sponsor of MMA events including Triton Fights, various art exhibits, and numerous charity events throughout the United States.

The TIGERLYFE brand has a mission that is simple and focused. They want to help those who have the focus, motivation, and drive to succeed in today’s demanding and ever-changing world. They want to help those who know they can and will go the distance in the ring, on the track, or in the boardroom. It also has a set of social networks which can be found as follows @therealtigerlyfe, @tigerlyfeenergy, @tigerlyfe, @tigerlyfepromotions, @tigerlyfemodels @whatsyouryonair and here we can see a lot of information about Mr. LoPiccolo’s brands  

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