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Todd Speciale: From the Streets to the Stage as a Top Sales Trainer and Best Selling Author.

Todd Speciale a 2x best selling author with his 3rd book soon to be nationally published called: Make Sales Great Again; The Sales Bible has said to be the sales book of the century, competing with such names as Zig Ziglars top selling book: “See You At The Top” & “Secrets Of Closing The Sale” along with “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy and more.

Speciale took three years to write this book and during that time he has taken the stage globally by storm. Speaking on sales, leadership and culture, he decided to go against the grain forcing the companies he consults for to lead with an equally combined objective of culture and opportunity combined.

Born in Rochester, New York, Speciale moved to Missouri for a few years, before finally settling in Orlando Florida in 1998.

Speciale’s unique ascent was through the loss of his father. Although always hustling in the streets as a child, from “not-so-legal” stuff, to finally moving the right direction after several failures, Todd speaks on how two squeezes from his father, as he was holding his arm laying next to him on his death bed, has catapulted his career and drive to unmatched levels.

Todd is married to Michelle, with three daughters. Averigh and Addyson from a previous marriage and Abriella with his current wife Michelle. Speciale constantly talks about the support his wife has for his calling. He continuously speaks about how he wouidn’t be where he is without his wife pushing him, always by his side, coupled with overcoming difficult times together, that they’ve never been stronger and their success is equally to be commended.

It’s refreshing to hear how entrepreneurs like this, give their spouses the credit they deserve, when they support the dreams of their loved ones. Interviewing Speciale, you could see the emotion in his eyes when he spoke about Michelle and his daughters and you can just FEEL why he fights to accomplish more than most!

From selling vacuums door to door at age 15, to consulting and coaching some of the world’s largest companies CEO’s and sales teams, there’s a bunch of hard in the “in-between” along the way. At age 16, Speciale walked by a pool hall, saw a bunch of money on the tables and decided to see what it was all about. Little did he know at the time, that moment would lead to a life of gambling, negotiating and reading people that move him to the top of the world almost three decades later, from the streets to a world renown speaker and trainer lighting stages on fire.

Speciale ran illegal card games for almost a decade of his life, similar to the movie “Molly’s Game”, until it all came to screeching halt, after being robbed at gun point not once, not twice, but three times! These event’s lead to a year of depression, repossessed cars, loss of friendships/relationships and a mindset belief that his life was over. After one look at a picture of his two daughters at the time next to his bed, Speciale held it close to his chest and screamed “THIS ISN’T THE LIFE I PROMISED YOU!”

That moment, combined with two squeezes from his dead the day before he passed, made Todd the man he is today.

Speciale took the hard, turned his life around and started selling timeshare, moved to the top of that industry quickly and started training people how to sell the right way. One company stopped Speciale from training as hundreds of people would show up to his “not mandatory” trainings and not show up to their  “mandatory”  trainings. Speciale knew that people were hungry for something real and different. He also realized that today’s salespeople, are lying to prospects just to earn a paycheck. This is how MAKE SALES GREAT AGAIN was born.  His hatred for those stealing, lying and misleading people, combined with is authentic and raw approach, gave him stages across the world.

Today, Speciale is one of the top sales, leadership and culture trainers in the world, running his own consulting firm, Make Sales Great Again. The nickname he loves the most, he’s known as “The Culture Creator.” He has spoken on stage with notable figures such as Ashton Kutcher, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Tai Lopez, Danelle Delgado, Tom Bilyeu and many more.

Speciale’s mission is to teach people to sell and lead the right way, emphasizing the importance of culture in success. He is also a philanthropist and Christian, and continues to change lives through his voice and teachings. You can follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Clubhouse, Twitter, and check out his websites,, and check out his merch at

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