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Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

From food to cleaning products to almost anything you can think of, Walmart is one of the most convenient stores around. They’re well known for their unbeatable prices and almost every household item to you can think of.

Walmart is known to draw quite a crowd from time to time. We’ve seen the best and the worst and we’ve put them all together to share with you. You won’t believe some of these!.

That Hair Though
We’re just as amazed as you are. There’s no way these dreadlocks didn’t make it into the Guinness World Book of Records for the world’s longest and thickest dreads. If not, the titleholder may have some serious competition.

This style of hair has become more mainstream over the years. There are not typically the most hygienic, but if you maintain them well, they can look pretty cool. It must have taken this person a lot of time and dedication to grow their dreads this long.

Scorching Hot
Summers in the south can be quite hot and dreadful even for those who were born and raised there. Those who are used to it however don’t always use sunscreen and run the risk of developing terrible sunburn like the person in this photo.

We’d like to give you a friendly reminder to always use sunscreen when going out in the sun. We can only hope this person was shopping for some aloe to relieve some of the pain she is probably feeling.

A True Fairytale
This man has taken his unique style to a whole new level with this look. You may be wondering what would possess someone to attach a fox tail to a regular pair of blue jeans and leave their house. We’re not so sure, but we admire his originality.

Little Red Riding Hood
It’s so important to be your raw and authentic self because remember, there’s only one you out there! We give major props to this guy for going out in public dressed like this despite what people were probably thinking and whispering about him.

He was clearly going for a more feminine look and we can’t say he didn’t pull it off. We admire that this man doesn’t care what others think of him. More people should be like this guy!


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